You may access our public baths from Heiseikan. Our indoor hot springs are filled with the scent of wood and make for a relaxing bathing experience. You will also find an open space with tatami mats right by the bathtub, which serves as a dressing room – a rare sight and experience that we hope our guests will enjoy.

Our open-air onsen are located outside and are sure to remind you of the Japanese garden. The water here is what is known as “gensen kakenagashi” – which means it is carried directly from the source to the bathtub and is never reused. As such, you may indulge in natural hot spring water.

Take in the sight of cherry blossoms in spring and fresh green in early summer as you rejuvenate your body and soul. Visit us during winter and spring months (between October and May), and you will have a unique opportunity to bathe with some apples.

Onsen for Men

男湯 #中棚荘 #温泉 #小諸 #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Onsen for Women

露天風呂(女湯) #中棚荘 #温泉 #小諸 #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

The natural hot spring water at Nakadanasou is 38.2 degrees Celsius (about 101 degrees Fahrenheit) and has a pH of 8.6. Being slightly alkaline, it is known as and is popular for being a “hot spring for beauty.”

In addition to the indoor and open-air baths, we also have a “kashikiri,” or private, bath on our premises.

Apple Baths

During winter and spring months (from October to May), you will find locally-grown apples bobbing in the hot water – a sight that has become a winter tradition here at Nakadanasou.

The idea to put apples in our indoor hot spring baths came from a poem written by Toson Shimazaki, a famous Japanese poet and novelist who spent seven years in Komoro in the early 1900s. Titled “Hatsukoi (First Love),” it depicts a bittersweet feeling held by a young boy toward a girl whom he met in an apple orchard.

We hope that you will visualize the scene and share the sentiment as you breathe in the aroma of the apples.


Between 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m., we welcome day-use onsen guests. The price is: 1,000 yen per adult, 500 yen per elementary school student, 300 yen for infant.

We are closed for two days every month (the dates are not set), so please contact and check with us in advance.

Public Baths Maintenance Days

We regularly perform maintenance on our bathtubs to keep them clean. Below are the dates on which maintenance work will be carried out:

Wednesday, Octobar 3, 2018
Wednesday, Octobar 17, 2018
Wednesday, Octobar 31, 2018

On these dates, we may not accept day-use onsen guests. Guests who spend the night with us may use the onsen once the maintenance work is complete.

Should you have any questions, please call and ask us at +81 267 22 1511.

Health Benefits

Said to be good for: nerve pain, muscle ache, joint pain, stiff joints, bruises, sprains, chronic digestive ailments, poor circulation, fatigue, etc.

Drinkable Onsen Water

You will spot drinkable onsen water dispensers as you climb up the stairs leading to our public baths.

In fact, all the faucets in guest rooms run with 100% pure hot spring water and is therefore drinkable – one of the many reasons why onsen lovers enjoy staying with us.

Health Benefits

Said to be good for: chronic gastrointestinal conditions, chronic constipation, rheumatic ailments, back pain, joint and muscle conditions, etc.