Dining Experience at Nakadanasou

“A land surrounded by the blessings of nature” – this is how our executive chef expresses Komoro.

Having cultivated his culinary skills at famous kappo restaurants in Tokyo and some renowned ryokans across Japan, Executive Chef Yoneda strives to utilize local and seasonal ingredients to carefully prepare dishes that put a smile on guests’ faces.


We do what a large-scale hotel or ryokan cannot do – taking in what the season has to offer and creating healthy but indulgent dishes while paying attention to the slightest detail.

Our kaiseki menus change monthly (the photos above are examples of dishes served during early summer).


We would like our guests to start the day off right, with a soothing bath and a hearty breakfast. Enjoy a selection of healthy and refreshing dishes and drinks, including tororo (grated yam) and goat milk.

Dining Venue


Our dinner and breakfast are served on the 1st floor of Taishokan building.

Executive Chef


“What motivates me the most is watching guests smile as they eat,” says Executive Chef Yoneda. When asked what he believes makes his dishes so special, he replies: “Staying true to the basics, and putting time and effort into what I do.”

Is he crossing his arms, because he is pondering what to make for dinner? (in actuality, he is too shy to pose for a photo!)