Heiseikan 1st Floor, Mixed Japanese and Western-style Rooms

There are six mixed Japanese and Western-style rooms on the 1st floor of Heiseikan. The names of the rooms are all taken from works produced by Toson Shimazaki.

Each room consists of two Japanese-style rooms, one approx. 13 m² and the other approx. 7 m², in addition to a Western-style twin bedroom. It is a perfect room for couples, families and groups of friends.


As you walk from the front desk toward Heiseikan, you will come across flowers beautifully arranged by our okami (female manager) here and there. You will also see greenery outside the window and hear the chirps of insects, which make your stroll to your room an even more relaxing one.

Room “Chikuma”

105号室「千曲」 #中棚荘 #小諸 #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Two Japanese-style rooms approx. 13 m² and approx. 7 m², in addition to a Western-style twin bedroom.
Each guest room has a bedroom and a separate living room, and is equipped with bathroom, toilet and wash basin.
Wireless internet access is available.
Each room features a private bath that uses 100% fresh hot spring water.

[All eight rooms on the 1st floor of Heiseikan have the same layout.]



The owner and okami (female manager) have carefully selected the amenities placed in the guest rooms. Towels and “tabi” socks dyed with clove are especially worth mentioning, as not only do they give off a sweet fragrance but are also effective as an insect repellent. We also have a basket ready for you to carry your belongings to onsen.

Once checked in, sit back with a cup of tea and our specially prepared welcome sweets.