Welcome Message

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Nakadanasou.

Situated at Komoro, a former castle town in eastern Nagano Prefecture, Nakadanasou is a “hideaway ryokan” which has been in operation since 1898, for five generations. It is made up of three buildings: Heiseikan, Taishokan and “Harikoshitei” – a government-registered tangible cultural property used as a restaurant.

“Is there a way to freshen and simplify ourselves more?” This is what we have in mind as we welcome our guests every day. This same question was originally asked by Toson Shimazaki, a Japanese poet and novelist who was active during the late 1800s and early 1900s. He came to Komoro in 1899 to teach English and Japanese, and spent the next seven years of his life here. He was a frequent visitor to Nakadanasou and wrote one of his famous poems during his stay – which eventually led him to decide he will live the rest of his life as a literary figure.

We look forward to making your stay both comfortable and memorable by providing friendly and personalized service at our cozy and historical ryokan.

Owner:Masaki Tomioka

Okami (Female Manager):Yoko Tomioka